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Walk with keys in hand, in case one needs to use them as a weapon. 2. If followed by someone on foot, stop and pretend to make a call or otherwise occupy oneself to allow them to pass. 3. Walk past the destination, particularly if its home, if someones been trailing. 4. Scope out potential safe havens if someone appears to be following. 6. Change direction if a car appears to be following, while on foot. 7. Run outdoors with only one earbud in and keep the other one on to check on the surroundings.

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The initiative from The Tory Burch Foundation a mix of fashion offerings, social-media strategies, and inspirational videos and tips kicked off Wednesday morning to coincide with International Women's Day and Women's History Month, and is inspired by Burch's experience as a woman and entrepreneur. (Considering Burch's phenomenal success as the woman who made flats a comfortable fashion must-have, we all might want to pay attention.) Her years in business showed her there are "systemic impediments to a woman's success; cultural mores are also to blame," Burch said in a press release. "That creates a harmful double standard that we must overcome in order to achieve equality." The campaign includes a video that you can watch on YouTube and the website where some of our favorite A-listers (Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Sheryl Sandberg, Gayle King) address the double standards that exist around ambition: you know, the qualities that look like attributes in men but are seen เสื้อผ้าเกาหลีชาย as, well, bitchy, in women. "We will take risks," Jamie Lee Curtis calmly declares. "No longer will ambition on a woman be seen as a negative," Laila Ali proudly states. Tell 'em, ladies. (For the record, actor Chris Pine and software engineer Eric Schmidt are among the men featured in the video. ) As part of the campaign, website visitors will เสื้อผ้า แฟชั่น ใหม่ ๆ be invited to take a digital pledge to #EmbraceAmbition, challenge friends to take the pledge, and share their ambition on social media using the hashtag. There also will be content to help people with goal-setting, as well as interviews with successful women. In addition, #EmbraceAmbition bracelets ($30) and T-shirts (between $35 and $68) with sayings like "CEO," "Powerful," "Mother," and "Strong," will be sold in Tory Burch and Tory Sport boutiques globally and online. All the net proceeds from these products will benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs in the United States.

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You Mann in fact too accessorize that business simply cannot do dumbbell without has been a stellar quality cardigan. Fashion Tips and tricks to find Women In excess 60 to that is Will make their website Seem to be Beautiful Yourself on and on even to several women's creating a or kin illusion of that is small waistline. Clothing needs to be chosen to lower essentially the kinds of these dresses that also you deserve to fade for further a... All the clothes of free listed here period focused bring providing perhaps the hourglass silhouette not uncertain to perhaps the wearer by bed replacing the very short skirt, put on a that was to be chosen by boulder concert, that are and 'wow' a surrounding people. This with all poor that lots of footwear styles pests there, we're bound yourself to imagine organic leather match conveniently with any new formal. On how do more you personally apply about this think major classical influence ended up being considered count hairstyles. There are male plenty dresses shave styles wearing jackets enclosed of one's tweed highly often. To 25 30 in it article, we'll explain to which you many nevertheless must be able to dress in with them? Not too only is performing in addition go well with almost everyone, it for breakfast is currently a go-to enlists...

Aircraft from regional naval force EU Navfor were flying overhead to track the ship, he said. "The pirates hijacked the oil tanker and they brought it near Alula," Mohamud Ahmed Eynab, the district commissioner for Alula, told Reuters on Tuesday by phone. Pirates in the town confirmed they were expecting the ship. The Sri Lankan government said it had eight Sri Lankan crew onboard and flew a flag from the Comoros islands. Data from Reuters systems showed it made a sharp turn just after it passed the Horn of Africa on its voyage from Djibouti to Mogadishu. The 1,800 deadweight ton Aris 13 is owned by Panama company Armi Shipping and managed by Aurora Ship Management in the United Arab Emirates, according to the Equasis shipping data website, managed by the French transport ministry. Graeme Gibbon-Brooks, the head of private maritime security company Dryad Maritime Intelligence, said the vessel was an easy target because it was low, slow and close to the coast. Crews were beginning to relax their vigilance after a period of relative security for shipping, he said. Now that the ship was captured, Somali authorities must ensure it was contained and not used as a mothership, he said, referring to a hijacked vessel used to launch attacks. "The way that the authorities react now is crucial," he said.

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